Monday, December 30, 2013

Would The X-Files Be An Anachronism In The Obama Administration?

The “Christian Terrorists” and their ilk that bombed the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building seem to be the terror threat du jour for Clinton era TV series The X-Files, but is The X-Files just too anachronistic for the Obama administration?

By: Ringo Bones

 President Obama never seems to be plagued by “Christian Terrorism” for much of his tenure – unlike the Clinton administration and The X-Files who tackled the “Christian Terrorists” who brought us the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building bombing and other related treasons. But does the really austere fiscal environment of the Obama administration even make the salient political themes tackled in the TV series The X-Files seem hopefully too anachronistic by comparison?

Though there are a lot of “challenges” that the fictitious FBI agents Mulder and Scully missed to tackle that were de rigueur threat to “civil liberties enthusiasts” during the Dubya Bush administration before they signed off – i.e. rogue private security contractors, extraordinary renditions, etc. But will it spur on a reboot of The X-Files franchise probably by JJ Abrams?