Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Agents Mulder and Scully Versus Blackwater Security Consulting

Given that The X-Files TV series has ended a few weeks before the 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom had begun, had FBI agents Mulder and Scully had tacked the “war crimes” committed by Blackwater Security Consulting?

By Ringo Bones

Even though the famed FBI agents of Chris Carter's The X-Files TV series has managed to face off formidable foes during their tenure, like the people behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, those behind keeping recovered “alien” technology in Area 51 a well-kept secret among others had yet to face a more formidable contemporary foe. Namely Blackwater Security Consulting.

Even though the TV series ended a few weeks before Operation Iraqi Freedom got underway that was made famous by then President George W. Bush’s gigantic and rather premature “Mission Accomplished” sign, and the Abu Ghraib Prison Scandal. FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully never managed to investigate the alleged war crimes of Blackwater Security Consulting during the execution of their no-bid security contracts in post invasion Iraq where they managed from time to time fire indiscriminately at unarmed Iraqi civilians.

Ever since the security firm founded by former US Navy SEAL turned billionaire Erik Prince became embattled with their “alleged” excessive use of force, conspiracy buffs the world over have been clamouring for some over-achieving FBI agents to investigate the malfeasance at Blackwater. But are our beloved X-Files agents Mulder and Scully up to the task?

First of all, the malfeasantly run no-bid government contracts of Blackwater in Iraq doesn’t qualify as an X-File even though malfeasantly run no-bid government contracts tend to wind up in the FBI’s X-Files bin under the Bush administration. Secondly, given the almost unlimited power at their disposal, over-achieving FBI agents poking their noses where it doesn’t belong tend to get killed off rather expediently. If FBI agents Mulder and Scully investigated the malfeasance of Blackwater Security Consulting in Iraq, the two over-achieving FBI agents could later wind up as desiccated corpses in the desert region of the Iraq-Syria border. I wonder why the FOX Network didn’t end the X-Files that way?