Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eight Reasons Why The X-Files Is Totally Unbelievable Back In The Mid 1990s

A lot of things may had happened since September 11, 2001 to dissuade the typical conspiracy nut but are there reasons why The X-Files was totally unbelievable during its heyday back in the mid 1990s?

By: Ringo Bones 

A lot of stuff may had happened since the September 11, 2001 WTC Terror Attacks or the Bush administration’s Quixotic search of WMDs in Iraq that resulted in the deaths of over a million Iraqi citizens, but did you know that there could be eight – or more – reasons why Chris Carter’s iconic TV series The X-Files was, and still is, totally unbelievable during its heyday back in the mid 1990s? Check out the following reasons: 

It’s a TV show about US government employees who are competent, committed and hard-working! This alone is a red-flag for unbelievability. 

There have been scores of UFO sightings on the show, but not a single one was made by a drunken redneck in a pickup truck! Well, maybe its just because this was back in the days before affordable mobile phone cameras came into vogue. 

The character oft referred to as the “Cigarette-Smoking Man” never gets hassled, no matter where or when he lights up! Or maybe the “tobacco lobby” was just as powerful as the gun lobby as today back then. Ever wondered how much America’s tobacco companies donated to erect Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut? 

A “hot sexy babe” like agent Scully surely would have been singled out for “special” Clinton White house duty way before then President Clinton’s second term! Instead, then President Clinton has just have to settle with that “reasonably attractive” then White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. 

The government that’s supposedly behind some grand, secret project involving the DNA documentation and collection of everyone born since 1954 is the same government behind the IRS, Ronald Reagan era 600 US dollar hammers, the ATF Waco cult raid debacle and the Richard Jewell investigation! Well, most conspiracy buffs still don’t even know about explosive self-destruct buildings that are built into US government buildings. Maybe those scores of unbelievable conspiracy theories are yet to come.  

The series is in its fourth season, and the two attractive, single lead characters STILL haven’t hopped into the sack! Well, FBI agents Mulder and Scully eventually “hopped into the sack” during The X-Files’ finale, but it is not a hot, torrid sex scene circa 1990s era primetime TV that everyone hoped for. 

Anyone as obsessed as FBI agent Fox Mulder is with aliens and other crazy conspiracy theories would definitely rater be working for iconic movie director Oliver Stone or the iconic supermarket tabloid The Weekly World News, not the Feds! Or maybe Fox Mulder is one of the FBI’s “very special agents”. 

Back then, The X-Files was a FOX show that’s consistently in the Top 20! Quite a feat given that NBC had virtually monopolized the American primetime TV schedule block back in the mid 1990s.
A lot of us may have still something to add any post 9/11 factoid that only strengthens the air of unbelievability behind the aura of The X-Files. For those who do, please post them in here whether you believe the truth is out there or in here.